Annamalai University Medicines Information Newsletter

Prof Guru Prasad Mohanta, Department of Pharmacy, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India shares the regular publication: Medicines Information Newsletter targeted at both health professionals and consumers.  Commonly prescribed drugs are examined for effects and side effects and alternative drugs are recommended where necessary.

Volume 4 (2018) Issue 1  covers available courses; new anti TB drug – delamanid; ALERT section including proton pump inhibitor risks, insulin FDC precautions, sodium valproate precautions; healthy life-style hints for high blood pressure management; update on hypertension treatment; and more.

Volume 3 (2017) Issue 4  covers available courses, ALERT concerning the partial ban of Sodium Valproate in France for women an girls of reproductive age; use of codeine and tramadol in children and breast feeding women; and specific cautions with combined hormonal contraceptives and fluoroquinolones. Also  – how to protect you and your family from Swine Flu, Pharmacists’ Day celebrations and plenty of information about medicines,

Volume 3 (2017) Issue 3 covers available courses; conferences; use of glucose metres and test strips, alerts: NSAIDs during pregnancy, pioglitazone, re-absorbable stents; treatment of head lice; Indian Treatment Guidelines for 10 infectious conditions.

Volume 3 (2017) Issue 2 covers diet for diabetes, medicines for asthma, links to the Cochrane library, warning about NSAIDs in pregnancy and more.

Volume 3 (2017) Issue 1 covers threat to Community Pharmacy from online pharmacy, statins for lipid lowering, dextromethorphan – do not use for children, other  medicines to avoid, up-to-date resources.

Volume 2 (2016) Issue 4 is now available. It covers Medicines to Avoid, ‘Health Days’ – dates in December, Courses, Conferences, websites of interest, and has a focus on proton pump inhibitors.

Volume 2 (2016) Issue 3 (June) covers information about clopidogrel, drugs to avoid such as certain NSAIDs, alerts, conferences, training opportunities and more.

Volume 2 (2016) issue 2  covers Injectable Contraceptive, Zika Virus Disease, Fixed Dose Combinations Banned, Injectable Polio Vaccine in Routine Immunization, WHO Pocketbook for Hospital Care for Children, Medicines to Avoid, Probiotics in Antibiotic Associated Diarrhoea

Volume 2 (2016) Issue 1 covers safe childbirth, PRDUC Training Course, Important health Days, Current alerts and other current issues

Volume 1 (2015) Issue 4  focuses on antibiotics with the topics: Fluoroquinolone antibacterials, potential dangerous drug-drug interaction between macrolide antibiotics and calcium channel blockers, and regular features like websites of interest, courses, conferences, medicines to avoid and health days

Issue 1 is available online.
The second issue is available here and the third issue is available here