Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 in our Region

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April 2020 Issue:

  • Covid 19 in our region:   India, Kerala State, Singapore, Bangladesh. Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand,  New Zealand
  • Treatment for COVID-19?                                                                  
  • Testing for Covid -19 (inc. ICMR Protocol)
  • Does BCG vaccination have an impact of COVID-19 infection?
  • The COVID-19 drug pipeline

August 2020 Issue:

  • WHO Solidarity Trials
  • Sweden’s gamble for herd immunity. Was it worth it?
  • Covid-19 in the Region Features:
    • Covid-19 – Will there be a vaccine soon?
    • Response to Covid-19 pandemic:  Kerala – How it is done; Dharavi response
  • Responses in Mekong countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia
  • New Zealand – new challenges

Tribute to Indian Health Workers
On October 2, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) released a poster carrying the names and photographs of 515 doctors — 492 males and 23 females — who died on the line of duty while treating Covid-19 patients. The poster is a tribute paid to the martyred doctors on the occasion of the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, said the apex association of doctors in the country. Read more
A protocol for the protection of Indian Health Care workers has been developed by the Indian Medical Association.

Source of COVID-19
Dr Chan Chee Khoon of the Malaysian Citizen’s Health Initiative demystifies the Wuhan investigation of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in early 2020. Dr Chee Khoon is a retired academic, active as a health policy analyst and writer.

Vaccine development
Medicines Law and Policy (October 2020) published a briefing paper that untangles the various roles/relationships between Oxford University & the Jenner Institute, AstraZeneca and several other actors working on one of the leading candidate vaccines. The ‘Oxford / AstraZeneca’ vaccine is one of the world’s leading hopes in the race to end the Covid-19 pandemic. Its history is not as clear, though, as it may first seem. The media reporting about the vaccine tends to focus either on the very small (non-profit, academic) Jenner Institute at Oxford University, where the vaccine was first invented, or the very large (‘Big Pharma’ firm) AstraZeneca, which is now responsible for organising its (non-profit) world-wide development, manufacture and distribution. However, examining the intellectual property (IP) path of the vaccine from invention to manufacture and distribution reveals a more complex picture that involves other important actors (with for-profit perspectives). The paper also provides comments as well as raises some important questions about what might yet be done better and what lessons can be learned for the future.