2016 WAAW

Handle antibiotics with care November 2016

Antibiotic Awareness Week is an annual, global event to raise awareness about the serious health issue of antibiotic resistance. The week encourages people around the world to use antibiotics responsibly. This year, Antibiotic Awareness Week is from 14 – 20 November 2016. The theme is ANTIBIOTICS – HANDLE WITH CARE.

During the global campaign, the aim is to create behavioural changes that drive down inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in Australia by health professionals and misuse of antibiotics by the public. The campaign reminds everyone that:

  • Misusing antibiotics can cause harm
  • You could be passing on antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Antibiotics are a precious resource that should be handled with care

Many creative Antibiotic Awareness Week activities are being held in countries throughout or region.  Have a look at a summary of the activities in the Pacific Island Countries during WAAW 2016.