HAIAP News Bulletins

HAIAP News Bulletin, 1 March 2023
1. News from HAIAP
1.1  HAIAP Forum planned for May 27-29, 2023 in Penang
1.2 Olle Hansson Award 2023
2. Information sharing
2.1 WHO Progress Reports on AMR
2.2 Moderna and Pfizer want to increase vaccine prices
2.3 Draft Global Strategy on Infection Control and Prevention
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February 1, 2023
1. News from HAIAP|
1.1   HAIAP Forum planned for May 26-29, 2023 in Penang
1.2  The Quest for Human Rights – a continuing challenge – Claudio Schuftan
2. Information sharing
2.1 Human Rights Watch World Report 2023
2.2 The Lancet at 200: a start, but more to do
2.3 The India Story: Survival of the richest
2.4 Quality of CV Medicines in Indonesia
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January 1, 2023
1. News from HAIAP
1.1   Olle Hansson Award
1.2   2022 in retrospect
1.3  The Quest for Human Rights – a continuing challenge – Claudio Schuftan
2. Information sharing
2.1 Recent children’s deaths in Uzbekistan from ethylene glycol in cough syrup
22. Equal access to medicines and technologies as elusive as ever – Medicines Law & Policy
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December 1, 2022
1. News from HAIAP
1.1   Vale Prem Chandran John
1.2   Olle Hansson Award 2023 Call for Nominations
1.3   Limited number of HAIAP at 40 hard copy book still available
2. Information sharing
2.1  ReAct: Antibiotic Smart Communities in the Asia Pacific region
2.2  Vale ORS Pioneer: Dr Dilip Mahalanabis
2.3  More on dangerous cough syrups for children
2.4  New Booklets from TWN
2.5 Nepal develops new National Medicines Policy
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November 1, 2022
1. News from HAIAP
1.1   Olle Hansson Award 2023 Call for Nominations
1.2  TRIPS on-line launch event HAI – November 2
1.3  ReAct webinar November 10. ‘Moving towards an Antibiotic Smart Community’
1.4   Dr B Ekbal Review – from Spanish Flu to Covid: The Pandemic Century:  One Hundred Years of Panic, Hysteria, and Hubris by Mark Honigsbaum
1.5  HANDS Strategy 2030
1.6   Limited number of HAIAP at 40 hard copy book still available
2. Information sharing
2.1  Blueprint on Health Reform in Malaysia: Peoples Health Forum
2.2  Dangerous cough syrups for children
2.3  Shigella – antibiotic resistance
2.4  Another No for Ivermectin – JAMA October 21, 2022
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October 1 2022
1. News from HAIAP
1.1   Professor Ken Harvey retires from anti-quackery crusade
1.2    India – New Essential Medicines List
1.3    Thailand Smart Use AMR campaign – knowledge and perceptions
1.4   Sri Lanka – Uncertainty over future of health care
1.5   Pakistan HANDS flood response
1.6   Limited numbers of HAIAP at 40 hard copy book available.
2. Information sharing
2.1  Medical Product Quality Report 2022- COVID-19 issues
2.2  Pharma Rep lament and response from one GP
2.3  Australia – NPS MedicineWise will be gone by the end of the year
2.4  The Problem with the Formula Milk Industry – BMJ webinars
2.5  TWN: Intellectual Property Rights Series no. 18  – Remedies Against Excessive Pricing of Patented Medicines Under Competition Law
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September 1 2022
1. News from HAIAP
1.1     IIUM Award. On August 13, Dato Seri Anwar Fazal received  the International Islamic University Malaysia  Ibn Khaldun Merit Award for Global Social Transformation on behalf of HAIAP.
1.2    Pakistan Floods.  Devastating rains, floods and landslides have had an enormous impact on more than 33 million people in different parts of Pakistan. HANDS Pakistan responds.
1.3    Thailand has legalised cannabis, but its war on drugs continues.  What does it mean?
1.4   Limited numbers of HAIAP at 40 hard copy book available.
2. Information sharing
2.1  Time to stop using ineffective Covid-19 drugs –  NEJM
2.2  PHARMA COVID-19 vaccine dispute
2.3 Australian vaccine production hub should share technology and know-how for global vaccine justice
2.4  At the UN, states and anti-rights actors join forces to push back against gender justice
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August 1 2022
1. News from HAIAP
1.1       Amit Sengupta birthday memorial meeting and fellowship awards
1.2       2022 Palestine- 40 years – Special report and video from Dr Swee Chai Ang
– shared by Dr Chan Chee Khoon
1.3       Limited numbers of HAIAP at 40 hard copy book available.
2. Information sharing
2.1 Oxfam media briefs
2.2. Medicines Law and Policy: Seven recommendations for sharing intellectual property, know-how and technology – report of Global Expert Group on the Pandemic Treaty published by BMJ Global Health
2.3  Lancet Law Reform for One Health
2.4  Pharmaceutical crime:  FDA and control of DTCA:  Public Citizen – Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTCA)
2.5  Joel Lexchin: Sponsorship of Australian and New Zealand medical societies by healthcare companies
2.6. Shared by Anwar Fazal – Native American tribes reach $590 million opioid settlement from drug distributors, J&J
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July 1 2022
1.  News from HAIAP
1.1       Amit Sengupta’s birthday celebration July 5
1.2       HAIAP at 40 –  book available
1.3       Dr B Ekbal’s Pamphlet ‘Drug Price Rises in India’
1.4 Floods in Bangladesh: GK flood relief
1.5 Public Citizen 50 year anniversary
2. Information sharing
2.1  Press Release- International Statement Demanding Teesta’s Release
2.2  Fair Pharma Scorecard
2.3   Violence against health-care workers in the Philippines Lancet May 28
2.4  Pandemic preparedness means policy makers need to work with social scientists Letter from CSOs, Lancet May 30, 2022
2.5    Update on TRIPS waiver
2.5.1 WTO: CSOs call on ministers to reject current draft of TRIPS Decision
Published in SUNS #9596 dated 16 June 2022
2.5.2  Aftinet Australia  After nearly two years of delays, this week the WTO has made a weak decision that puts Big Pharma profits ahead of the lives of millions of people.
2.5.3  WTO Covid-19 TRIPS Decision: Medicines Law and Policy observations
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February 1, 2022

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TOPIC 1.   News from HAIAP 

1.1) Olle Hansson Award to recognise significant people

The Olle Hansson Award was considered in the light of including posthumous awards to very significant people.  It was agreed that very exceptional significant people eg Amit Sengupta, Martin Khor, Uncle Idris Mohamed must be honoured.

It was agreed by the Olle Hansson Award selection committee that this could happen retrospectively so they would be honoured in the time they were living.

The OH Award has not been presented since 2008 so it was agreed that The Award should go to Amit Sengupta for 2018, and jointly to Martin Khor and Uncle Idris Mohamed for 2019.  The 2020 Award would recognise Azmi Hassali. Tributes to these special people will be part of the HAIAP 40 book launching ceremony.

1.2) The HAIAP 40 Book

The Zoom ceremony to launch the HAIAP 40 book will take place on April 7 (World Health Day) or May 23 (Olle Hansson Day) (2022) – depending when the book is ready and will include tributes to these wonderful people. The book will be available electronically but in addition some hard copies will be printed in collaboration with TWN and other organisations.

TOPIC 2.   COVID 19 updates.

It must be noted that new information continually emerges so it is difficult to remain up-to-date. However therapies that have been found to be of no use will remain inappropriate so a table of inappropriate treatments has been prepared. The monoclonal antibody group of medications are ‘of interest’ and some have been recommended but maybe not useful in practice due to cost.

Other information along with the necessary caveats. (Suggest looking at the documents in order)

2.1)  Medicines NOT FOR USE for COVID 19.

2.2). Treatment flowchart 13 January 2022

2.3). Nirmatrelivir / ritonavir (Paxlovid) – approved for treatment and to be available as generic. With the possible availability of Paxlovid and the huge number of drug interactions associated with this product it is crucial to ensure a treatment model that incorporates adequate medication history and drug interaction management will be critical. See 2.4.

2.4a). Liverpool table of drug interactions  (relevant to COVID-19 treatment related drugs)

2.4b) Emergency Use of ‘Paxlovid’ FACT SHEET See 2.4b attachment

2.5) Molnupiravir: medicines Patent Pool announced 27 Generic companies are licensed to produce this drug/  https://medicinespatentpool.org/news-publications-post/27-generic-manufacturers-sign-agreements-with-mpp-to-produce-molnupiravir

3.   TOPIC 3. Sharing

3.1) Time to get serious about an Asean NWFZ from Prof Chee Khoon Chan

3.2) COVID-19 patients and their management in a tertiary care centre in Nepal from Dr Kumud Kafle