Unbanning 344 Fixed Drug Combinations in India

After the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) banned the 344 irrational FDCs in March 2016, Pfizer  petitioned the Delhi High Court  challenging the ban order asking for a stay order against the ban – which was granted unfortunately almost immediately. The Pfizer action was followed  by Abbot and several other Pharma Companies who also got stay orders.
DCGI office  defended the ban, with Assistant Solicitor General appearing for the office.
All India Drug Action Network (AIDAN) & Locost  pleaded the case in support of the banning . A lot of hard work  went in to counter the untruths being presented  by Pharma companies.
The Court order has come after more than 6 months of Final Hearing. There were hearings over 20 -30 days in the Delhi High Court attended by us (AIDAN & Locost), witnessing day after day how a technical procedural issue was used to squash the ban order.

Needless to say the Pharma Companies had dozens of top lawyers, two of whom had also been cabinet ministers earlier.   Also, needless to say – we were very disappointed.

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