HAI Europe is conducting a survey of insulin prices to patients

Health Action International (HAI) invites you to participate in a global survey of patient prices of insulin.
This survey is part of a project entitled Addressing the Challenge and Constraints of Insulin Sources and Supply ( ‘ACCISS Study’). The project is co-led by Richard Laing (Boston University), David Beran (University of Geneva) and Marg Ewen.
In this first year of the project we are mapping the global insulin market to determine which pharmaceutical companies manufacture insulin, formulations, prices, trade issues, tariffs, patents on insulin etc., as well as regulatory issues related to market authorisations for biosimilars. Current initiatives to improve access to insulin will also be examined.
We have already started collecting government procurement prices of insulin and reimbursement prices. Now we want to collect patient prices. Insulin comes in various forms and presentations (human/ analogue, vials/pens etc.) and at different prices. For this survey, we want to collect patient prices for insulin products, in the public sector and the private sector, in as many countries of the world as possible. This is where we need your help. We would be very grateful if you could assist us.  For the full description of the project and how you can help please see Members Activities on this website. To get there you can click here

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