Johnson & Johnson faulty hip replacements

Posted by Mira Shiva January 15, 2019
Details about Johnson and Johnson faulty hip replacement implants can be read here

Posted by Mira Shiva January 15, 2019
Acetabular Surface Replacement (ASR) Metal on Metal (M on M) were promoted  for Younger patients alleging it would Last for very long  25 years. De Puy  a Subsidiary of JJ sold and promoted it in India .
The Hip Implant was recalled in 2010 because of complications setting in – from infection to increased pain and complications due to the toxicity of chromium and cobalt used in the  implant . Between 2004 to 2010 , apparently 4700 JJ ASR hip Implants were used. Only 1080 patients with this have  been traced. Many patients have undergone revision surgery at their own cost because of the complications . Information about hip implant recall was not communicated to the patients, many of whom have only now come to know of the recall of the faulty implant and realized that many problems that they were having was because of the high cobalt and chromium levels in the blood as these toxic metals were leaching out from the implants into the body. The patients are only now finding out about the reporting about the JJ ASR Implant with documents of their hip replacement surgery m Doctor ‘s Hospital ‘s name details etc  to undergo Revision Surgery offered by JJ  within 10 years deadline from surgery.
5000 patients had sued JJ in US and were granted  compensation. Patients who have lost jobs, had complications – cardiac and cerebrovascular because of increases clotting of blood; young women patients  told not to conceive because of high cobalt / chromium levels as it would affect the foetus. Humiliation is suffered from using crutches, limping around as well as paying a price financially, psychologically and socially –  feeling like a burden on family.

Some patients have had repeated Revision surgeries.  The patients should get justice. The Indian Government had set up a Committee under Chairmanship of  Dr Arun Aggarwal to give a Report on the JJ Hip implant issue which it did – giving a Formula  for compensation. While JJ is unwilling to pay, patients feel it is not just an issue of the hip, infection and pain – it is ruining of the lives of patients and their families .

It is likely that this hip implant may have been used in other parts of the  Asia Pacific region and many may not be aware of the JJASR Metal on Metal Hip implant recall in 2010 . There is an urgent need to check blood cobalt and chromium levels and to take necessary action.  We must alert others 

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